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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  June 24, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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today is a new day in san jose's airport, where two new parking lot reconciliation opened. -- two new parking lots are opened designed to ease the parking crunch. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in the newsroom with a report about what scares californians. what natural disasters freak people out? that story coming up. >> hopefully it's not the weather. it is rather quiet. good morning. the big story, cooler than average afternoon temperatures and point of rain -- possibility of rain next week? >> we are seeing friday
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light traffic right now. a live look at the bay bridge. but we have some major road wok still going on and also i'll tell you why you might not want to drive in san francisco this afternoon and evening. 5:01 on friday morning. we thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. christen is off today. confusing airport problem will end today for those using mineta san jose international airport. two new parking lots will open today. it may not sound like a bill deal but for the $8.8 million makeover, it is. john alston is live at the airport. it's been a nightmare to find parking near terminal "b" until now. >> yeah. even though there is a live parking garage nearby, the lots opened an hour ago and things are barely coming to life here. the two new lots will add more than 1,500 new parking spots just south of terminal "b" where most of the passengers fly out of san jose airport. the new lot are hourly and
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daily. $2 for every 30 minutes and it goes up to $30 a day in the hourly lot. now if you travel out of san jose, you know it can be a mess. there is that seven-story garage across from terminal "b," but the only public parking on there is on the ground floor. there are less than 300 spots. the remaining floors are for rental cars. people often drive in, drive around. . they can't find a spot. come out again and gum up the works in front of terminal "b." that is supposed to change with the new law. other changes, today, the long-term lot on west side of the airport is going to close. no more cars going in. and they'll wait until all the cars finally leave. on monday, the lot just south of the rental garage is going to become a daily lot. this is the result of a nearly $9 million renovation project that comes actually at a time of declining air travel. there were about # million passengers in san jose last year. that is down by six million from the boom time of 2000.
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but now, the two new lots are open. they opened an hour ago. that is supposed to ease confusion in san jose over the past couple of years. live in mineta san jose international airport, john alston, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. 5:03 now. bart awarded the second of two contracts to extent the fremont line to warm springs and eventually to san jose. springs construction of fairfield won the $300 million contract. the company will design and install fracs with building the future warm springs bart station that will serve a neighborhood in southern fremont near the alameda, santa clara county line. bart expects to open the 5-1/2-mile long extension in 2015. a summer of deadly tornados from the plain states to the south and a wildfire continues to burn its way across california. natural disaster that
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californ californians fear the most are earthquakes. amy hollyfield has more. >> it's not wildfire torse mudslides. it's the earthquake that get people shaking with fear the most in the state. the field poll found that californians not only ranked earthquakes first on their list of frightening natural disasters but people are pretty sure the big one is coming soon. 6 in 10 people now believe big one will hit in the next 10 years. geologists say they're probably right. they say we are overdue and are concerned about the hayward fault. here is how it all breaks down. 57% list earthquakes as their number one concerns. next is wildfires, with 23% saying that is their main worry. third place was tsunamis. finally mudslides. we have a lot to be worried about here in california. people don't think we're all alone in worrying about natural disasters. 68% said earthquake danger in california is the same as
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threat of disaster elsewhere in the country. don't expect people to leave the state with their concerns. in the newsroom, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. 5:05. the san jose city council is set to hold a special meeting today with moving forward on retirement reform. chuck reed is trying to declare a fiscal emergency for retirement benefit. every city employee is taking a 10% pay cut and benefit to help trim deficit in the next budget. dozens of city workers demonstrated they want the city leaders to use collective bargaining to solve pension problems rather than declare a fiscal emergency or take it to the ballot box. vallejo police are investigating a murder of 23-year-old man shot to death yesterday afternoon. sky7-hd was overhead soon after the 4:00 murder
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outside of porter street apartment complex. he is the ninth homicide victim of the year. his identity has not been released. police have not said if they have a motive or identified suspects. >> east bay school district agreed to $25,000 settlement in lawsuit by parents who claim the district did not protect the students. in 2007, 14-year-old vernon eddins was shot and killed outside bernard middle school in an encounter with a group of latino men. families of six african-american students who witnessed the shooting sued the school district claiming it did not protect their children by racially motivated attacks by a latino gang. >> on behalf of the african-american students attending schools in union city who have been chased assaulted, attacked and targeted by the dacoto gang.
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>> it's part of program meant to curb racial violence in the city. a judge blocked caltrans from beginning roadwork on niles canyon in fremont on the first of the three safety projects there. the judge issued preliminary injunction ruling that caltrans failed to notify the public when the agency approved the project. it began cutting down trees in march to widen niles canyon road. there were protests from environmental groups. caltrans declined to comment on the ruling which is expected to push back construction by at least a year. >> 5:07 is our time. the firefighters union has offered to give up raises the members received in 2009. it's also offered to have firefighters start to pay 10% of their own health insurance costs. palo alto currently pays all healthcare costs. the city believes eliminating a minimum staffing requirement would also save more money. but the union thinks cutting the number of firefighters
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on duty will endanger the public. stinson beach will reopen to surfers today unless another shark is spotted in the water. they closed the beach after shark was spotted sunday afternoon. the shark appeared to be an eight to ten-foot long great white. the national park service points out that many marine mammals in the area make attractive hunting ground for great whites. beach-goers have been banned from going further than knee-deep since spotting the shark last weekend. 5:08. let's check in on the weather forecast now to see if you want wade in further than knee-deep, in stinson beach today. mike? >> air temperature is close to water temperature, probably in the upper 50s. it won't be any different. but it will feel colder in the water anyway. take a look at what is going on. good morning. you can see the northerly flow. the marine layer clouds are out there again. but just like yesterday, they are broken. and not going to hang around
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very long this morning. probably 9:00 they are out of the valley by noon. back to the coast. see sunshine today. 49 in santa rosa. low to mid-50s to the rest of us. leaving the house now in san jose and antioch. 58 degrees. especially with the clouds visibility, is up limited. lowest visibility is 5 in san jose. as far as getting around and not having fog to deal with. the fog, under total sunshine. 60 at half moon bay. mid-to-upper 60s around san francisco, oakland, rich monday, a lot to mid-70s around bay shore and south bay. you can see the low to mid-80s in north bay and east bay valleys. so we head to monterey bay and monterey at 61. the clouds lingering for you. mid-to-upper 60s for the rest of the bay. more sunshine heading north. low 80s for morgan hill and gilroy. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- the next four days, temperatures will fluctuate a degree or two here or there. then a big cooling trend next week as rain is possible tuesday, and
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wednesday. hi, frances. >> did you say rain possible, mike? i can't believe it. well, we still have roadwork going on in north bay. southbound 101 as you make your way from highway 37 in novato toward marinwood. down to one lane. that is scheduled to be out there until 6:00. you might find lanes block in the northbound direction. also, heads up for the weekend get-away. we have the infineon raceway the toyota save-mart 350 today through sunday. so, of course, you can plan on busy traffic on highway 37 out of vallejo. and also out of novato. this is why you don't want to be driving in san francisco this afternoon and evening. we have the critical mass bike ride at 6:15. the transgender march leaving from dolores park. the giants game. so traffic will be jammed. just a warning. eric? >> if you idea of a good time is spending an hour in traffic, drive tonight. frances, thank you very much.
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5:10 now. most people think the i.r.s. is keeping their personal information safe and secure, but a new report suggests maybe not. still ahead, the outdated software making the tax man computer vulnerable to hacker attacks. plus, why a pilot's
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10 pieces of that famous chicken, 3 large sides and 6 biscuits. enough real food to feed a family of four or more, just 20 bucks. today tastes so good. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. 5:13. good friday morning. audit from the revenue
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service says it has software that could lead sensitive information vuller in to believe hackers. it was an audit by the inspector general. more than 2,000 data bases used by the i.r.s. to process taxpayer information are not configured securely, use outdated software and no longer receive security patches. investigators say government data bases are becoming favorite targets for hackers. the i.r.s. agrees with the audit and says it's committed to fixing the issues by september. a bay area lawmaker wants the state to stop doing business with southwest airlines after one of the pilots went on a rapt against older women and gay flight attendants. the pilot was up aware his microphone was open during the tirade. he has been suspended without pay and is now back at work. san francisco assembly woman fiona may wants the state to stop doing business with southwest and she is investigating whether california laws that protect workers from a hostile work environment may have been violated.
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researchers from the california academy of science believe they have discovered at least 300 new species of plants and animals. they made the discovers during the last few weeks in an expedition to the philippines. abc7's dan ashley tells the story. >> we're going in. >> dive after dive. hike after hike. academy scientists and the filipino colleagues joined sources for a month. the mission: to find and document life of all sizes and shapes on the largest of the philippines' 7,000 ilands. >> there isn't a dive i haven't made where i didn't see something unexpected or something new. >> the exmedation was lead by terry. that is terry in the underwater video shot by academy photographer. the money for the project was a gift from margaret and will hurst. >> scientists estimate 90%
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of life on earth has still not been discovered and unearthed treasures are believed to be in places like the philippines. >> riches and tropical forest and high mountains to the corral reef which are the richest in the world. >> a lot of the discovers on the trip were underwater. colorful sea slugs and swell shark with distinctive camouflage. scientists found them 1,500 feet deep. >> this is a new species of sea pen. >> it's not a plant. it's an animal, because it feeds on other animals. related to corrals. >> some members of the team are long-time professionals, top in their field. some are giddy grad students full of the excitement of the chase. >> you don't want to get by that thing. >> shoot. yea! >> oh, my gosh.
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>> it is fun. but it's still serious science. >> back in the lab. researchers will spend months examining specimens and ammizing dna -- analyzing dna to confirm new species and find potential uses for the future. >> some of the slugs i study in the ocean are being studied to develop new drugs to fight hiv, aids, and cancer. >> dan ashley was reporting. we have spent two weeks with the researchers in the philippines and will bring you reports all summer long. what did you say? >> neat but disgusting. >> i would be interesting to agree. i wouldn't want to touch it. >> great work. rain next week? june? >> why not in june the way we started. there are showers but several day away. we will keep an eye on it and focus in on what is happening now.
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you can see the fog pushing through east bay hills and east bay valley. gorgeous array of color for the morning. talk about temperatures. it hasn't changed too much. 48 in santa rosa. we have 49 in los gatos now. we have low to mid-50s for most neighborhood until mountain view, 57. antioch and 58. around the monterey bay, inland. we have cloudy conditions and low to mid-50s. as far as the highlights, three things. sunshine this afternoon. and slightly cooler also. scattered slow clouds and mild temperatures. we will see those return tonight. it looks like the afternoons will be cooler than average all seven days of the forecast. let's start with showing you the patchy clouds this morning. it will increase coverage over the next hour or two, and pull of the of inland by nine and back to the coast by noon. slowly dissipate along the
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coast. because it's so slow and we have a strong on shore wind, you will be in the 50s along the coast. 50s and 70s along the bay. 80s inland. we could have 80 in los gatos. most of the south bay, not that warm. mid-to-upper 70s. we have low to mid-70s on most of the peninsula neighborhood. 74 in palo alto and redwood city. cooler around millbrae as you have a breeze shooting through the gap. half moon bay reaches 60. pacifica, daly city and sunset. stop a few degrees short in upper 50s. downtown in south san francisco. sunny and mid-60s. we have upper 60s around saucelito. heading to sinson beach to bodega bay, 50 to 68. petaluma, sonoma, napa, vallejo around the mid-to-upper 70s. farther north you go, though. low to mid-80s. over on the east bay shore. we have upper 60s for richmond, berkeley, oakland, san leandro, hayward and newark. everybody else in 70s. east bay valley is the warm west the low to mid-80s
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everywhere else. we have low to mid-80s around morgan hill and gilroy. hollister at 78. northwesterly breeze, we will see the sunshine around santa cruz at 68. clouds lingering around salinas at 65. lingering clouds longer around monterey and carmel. 60 degrees. the indians are in town to take on giants. cool and breezy. 60. dropping to 57. temperatures for the most part are in the 50s. your accuweather seven-day forecast -- steady temperatures today and monday. cooling trend with the low pressure dropping from alaska. slight chance of showers tuesday and wednesday. hard to believe, it's there. frances? >> yeah. okay. we'll believe you. no major problems out there. the giants game and critical mass bike ride and the transgender march from 6:30 to the union plaza by the
5:21 am
civic center. so you can expect delays this afternoon at bay brim toll plaza. the san mateo bridge has been fine. no trouble, all the roadwork in hayward has been cleared at 5:00. drive-time is 14 minutes from 880, westbound on 92 to 101. go to under the bay area traffic link. >> thank you. 5:21 now. next the diet that could be a breakthrough for diabetes. baby fat could look cute but it could be bad. coming up, exercises for your toddler. drop and give me ten. the brave soul who took on the firs abababababababababababab
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good morning. welcome back. no hope for people with type ii diabetes. it's considered incurable disease but scientists say they cure them by putting them on extremely low calorie diet for two months. they took part and slashed their food intake to 600 calories a day for eight weeks. but three months later, seven of the 11 were
5:25 am
diabetes-free. baby fat may be cute but a new report warns against allowing babies, toddler and pre schoolers to get pudgy. one in five youngsters is now overweight or obese by kindergarten. researchers are calling for better guidelines on what and how much toddlers should eat and they urge 15 minutes of activity for every hour preschoolers spend in child care. they are calling on day care and preschools to play a role to teach healthy habits. this morning, first lady michelle obama begins the second leg of her week-long good will trip to africa. today she is in botswana. yesterday in south africa, the first lady revealed the secret behind her sculpted biceps. push-up. she exercised with archbishop tutu. mrs. obama, her daughters as well as her mother will return to the white house on
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monday. ready for pride. next at 5:30, san francisco rolls out the pink carpet for the 41st annual gay pride weekend. >> if you are flying out of san jose, you will see changes. the signs may be confusing. i'm john alston and i'll have a report in a few minutes. next at 5:30. scared at school. bay area teenagers voice their fears about why they just don't feel safe on campus. >> if you are traveling aloss the lower 48. 53 in boston. summer heat in the south. upper 80s to low 90s from atlanta, new orleans and miami. heading to salt lake, not bad at 86. phoenix, hot 109. all the airports, the major airports in the lower 48 running on time except for philadelphia which has the flight arrival delays. find out what specific flights are delayed by using our flight tracker.
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if you are flying out of san jose airport this morning, you will notice more parking near terminal "b." some of the signs may be confusing. i'm john alston. i'll have a live report coming up. >> also this morning, the naacp is accusing u.s. airways of racial profiling for kicking a passenger off a plane at sfo because of his baggy pants. >> good morning. you can see the morning marine layer clouds. there are holes developing in them. though they will retreat quickly to the coast. the big story, cooler than average afternoon. chance of rain next week. >> enjoy the friday light commute for the morning. no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. things will be really busy this afternoon. i'll tell you why. >> the san jose city council holds a special session today to take up the issue of soaring employee
5:30 am
retirement benefits. union leaders are pressuring the council to negotiate reforms instead of pursuing a ballot initiative. good friday morning. 5:30 a.m. thank you for inviting us in your homes. i'm eric thomas. kristen is off today. the long parking nightmare is almost over at south bay san jose, rather mineta san jose international airport. i'll get that right. two new parking lots opened today easing a confusing scramble over finding an open spot and making the flight there. abc7's john alston is live at mineta san jose international airport with more. john? >> well, eric, only a handful of people show up and use two new parking lots to add about 1,500 spaces just south of terminal "b." which is the terminal that most passengers use at mineta san jose international airport. the rates are hourly and daily. fees are $2 for every 30 minutes that goes all the way up to $30 a day in the hourly lot. if you have been here in peak hours you know is it
5:31 am
can be awful getting around with the traffic and cars lining up in front of terminal "b." seven-story lot across, and there is public parking on the ground floors. only 300 spots. most of it is rental cars being held there. finding people showing us today, they are finding that it's tricky and confusing, looking at the sunshines. >> it's confused when i came in to be honest. i didn't know where the long-term parking was. the signs are trying -- kind of difficult to understand because there are several lots. i went to that lot and empty. is that the right place? >> yes. >> well, she is in the daily lot. it's $22 a day. new signs will be in placepy tuesday. no more long-term parking lot. it will be called economy. other changes today the long-term lot, now the economy lot on the west side of the airport is going to close.
5:32 am
on monday, the lot that is south of rental garage is going to be called the daily lot. now we have two brand new lots open. right now at 5:30 or so, it's a parking lot. it's open. wide open. anywhere to park. some people try to figure out where to come in here and take a look at the signs. supposed to ease a problem for some time. live at the mineta san jose international airport, john alston, abc7 news. >> when we say it's a parking lot there, it's good thing. >> yes. >> thank you very much. the faa is investigating the crash of a small plane on final approach to the palo alto airport. it happened about 8:30 last night. all people on board the cessna managed to walk away from the wreckage. one was complaining of back pain. it apparently lost power coming in for a landing. palo alto fire chief said it flipped over on impact and remained intact. it had taken off from
5:33 am
concord buchanan airport. the naacp is protesting what it claims is a case of racial profiling by u.s. airways involving the arrest of a passenger wearing saggy pants. this morning, the san francisco chapter of the civil rights organization will hold a news conference to address the case of 20-year-old deshon marman. he was arrested after he failed to pull up his sagging pants immediately after being told to do so by flight attendants. the president of the san francisco branch of the naacp says marman was subjected to a double standard because he's african-american. many teens in san jose feel city an school leaders need to do more to stop gangs and violence. this comes as the city's murder total for this year has exceeded the number of killings for all of last year. abc7's lisa amin gulezian tells us more. >> stand up if you have ever had a gun pointed at you or you were shot at. >> there was no misunderstanding the message the san jose teenagers were sending to city and county leaders.
5:34 am
violence in the city is rising. they want it to stop. it doesn't take in account that 27 homicides this year in san jose alone. 14 were gang-related. >> i don't want to us become oakland. that's what i'm afraid of. >> police continue to investigate the crimes, the young people came up with their own solutions. which include more supervision, more police protection and more programs. >> there needs to be more patrol officers, more police officers, more securities at malls and stuff. there has been a lot of fights. >> raise your hand if you don't feel safe in the school. >> majority raised their hands but the east side union high school district board member disagreed with their opinion. >> the fact they don't feel safe, doesn't mean they're not safe. >> all the comments coming from kids who know. some are former gang members who are surrounded by violence. and they're tired of it. they asked the panel of leaders to commit to their
5:35 am
recommendations. only a few did. >> the city police chief agreed more needs to be done but he insists change is a two-way street. >> it's important for safety of the committee for everybody to come forward with information if they have it about what happened. >> you wouldn't expect young people to want more supervision, but everyone i spoke with says they are sure to make a difference. in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> the teens we spoke with recommended that police smile more to make them more approachable and build trust. schools should have a zero tolerance for anyone wearing gang colors. parents should be more strict and have a 9:00 p.m. curfew. those are students talking there. the san jose city council is set to hold a special meeting today to discuss moving forward in negotiations with employee bargaining unit on retirement reform. the city council will defer until august a proposal by mayor chuck reed to declare a fiscal emergency to reign in the skyrocketing cost of
5:36 am
retirement benefits. his proposal calls for setting a limit on the benefit. the city council is considering an election on the issue possibly next march. dozens of city workers demonstrated last night, some dressed as zombie saying they are the working dead. they want them to use collective bargaining to solve fiscal problems rather than fiscal emergency or using the ballot box. it will be a big weekend in san francisco when the pride celebration and parade fills the street of the city. to kick things off, leaders of the hgbt community threw a party in the city last night, saying there is much to celebrate this year. the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" and continue progress of the same-sex marriage is something to celebrate. >> a big part of that is the shift in public opinion. >> this will mark the 41st anniversary of the san francisco pride celebration. it will culminate with a
5:37 am
parade on sunday. you find a link to this weekend's pride events on the website just click on see it on tv. if you plan to attend the parade clarks is the weather like? >> we have sunshine in the afternoon. good question. temperatures are below average. we should be in the upper 60s around san francisco and probably in the mid-60s. still comfortable. the big set up. you can see the winds blowing ashore again. that is bringing us the cooler weather and increase in clouds. over the next hour or so. check out winds. gusting out of oakland at 28 miles per hour. concord at 24. fairfield at 26. that's when you know you have a strong sea breeze shooting through the san bruno gap. the golden gate bridge and right up through interstate 80. what is it doing to our temperatures? making them cooler by one to six degrees. about everywhere. san jose is one degree warmer. half moon bay is the same when you step out this
5:38 am
morning. break down the day. at #:00 in the morning, cloud cover. temperatures are mainly in the 50s. by the time we get to noon, we should have sunshine everywhere, except along the peninsula coast. the temperatures there in the mid-to-upper 50s in san francisco and oakland. upper 60s in the other neighborhood. by 4:00, total sunshine at the coast. 60s there. mid-60s in san francisco and oakland. low 70s around the bay shore to near 80 inland for the east bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- not much change through monday and then cooler with a chance of rain tuesday and wednesday. >> frances, ace train number one, reporting a seven-minute delay making its way toward the south bay. ace train number three so far still on time. but you may want to consider mass transit this afternoon. because traffic will be an absolute mess in san francisco. eric was telling you about the pride weekend. so we have the transgender march leaving delores march at 6:30. critical mass bike ride from justin hermann plaza in addition to the giants game
5:39 am
at 7:15. keep that in mind as we go outside. the traffic is still light this friday morning. you will see everything is flowing well westbound here through berkeley. eric? >> all right, frances. thank you very much. 5:39. still ahead, dreaming of gold. lieutenant governor gavin newsom takes another stab at landing the olympics for california. the state budget battle. how it could save you big bucks at checkout in a few
5:40 am
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[ beep ] [ male announcer ] new toothbrush, for that killer smile: $4. ♪ home cooked meal: $28. [ beep ] ♪ first date finest: $33. [ beep ] ♪ having time on your side: priceless. mastercard pay pass. bringing you the most coenient ways to pay. learn more at hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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gavin newsom is trying to have california host 2022 olympics. he says it would be boom to the state like it was for vancouver last year. >> there were over 45,000 direct jobs created in vancouver for the 2010 winter olympics. direct economic impact and $600 million of infrastructure improvements that were fast tracked. that has become the legacy of the winter games. >> for the dream to become reality, california's bid would have to be selected by the u.s. committee in 2013 and the international economic committee in 2015. temporary increase in california state sales tax is about to expire.
5:43 am
but governor brown wants to extend the tax to the end of the month to help close the budget deficit. abc7's capital correspondent nannette miranda explains from sacramento. >> californians might want to postpone major purchases another week. temporary 1% sales tax increase enacted two years ago is scheduled to expire at the end of the month. the board of equalization told businesses to adjust their cash registers to reflect the decrease starting july 1. >> because negotiation are at a state budget are at a stand phil, it appears more likely there won't be a deal in time to stop the tax decrease. >> republicans have no plans on extenting the taxes. or voting for new taxes. they will expire. >> governor brown has hopes pinned on winning two republican votes in each house to continue temporary tax hike. what is known as plan "a." >> changes.
5:44 am
sometimes they blow hot. sometimes they blow cold. i'm not giving up. keep working until we get tax extensions and we will get them. >> with the lower sales tax rate around the corner, even democrats see writing on the wall. >> is plan "a" dead? i'll leave it to the governor to announce the wake in the funeral service. >> the board of equalization estimates the average california household will save $230 a year with the 1% decrease but the state will collect $4.5 billion less in taxes. democrats say it could mean more cuts to schools and public safety. nannette miranda, abc7 news. 5:44. good news if you are fighting off the debt collectors. the bloomberg business report coming up. >> plus, a terror scare on the west coast. investigators reveal a plot against the military that included machine guns and grenades. >> also, a san francisco judge rules an attack on a transgender woman is not a hate crime. the reason district attorney
5:45 am
george gascon says he is wrong. >> while prosecutors decided not to file charges against like honey roasted,
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welcome back. sky7-hd. quiet right now, and watching the flooding in yosemite where the temperatures jump from 77 today to 83 over the weekend. we'll be in the mid-70s
5:48 am
around tahoe. with a lot of sunshine. if are you not head that way, traveling through central valley, upper 70s in chico. big sur, afternoon sunshine at 72. hot spot is palm springs, 107. eric? >> all right, mike. thank you. 5:48 now. this morning, two americans are in custody in seattle accused of planning to massacre soldiers on the west coast. federal authorities say they are homegrown terrorists who are caught in an f.b.i. sting. abc's john hendren has the latest. >> seattle authority says it was meant to be a fort hood style massacre. two muslim converts are charged planning to attack a military ro sing center -- processing center with machine guns and grenades to "wake the muslims up." the alleged ring leader changed his name from joseph anthony davis to abu khalid abdul-latif. his home was searched by police. his alleged accomplish, frederick dominque known as walli muhahidh said why
5:49 am
don't we just all go there with guns blazing and just lay everybody down. >> authorities tipped off by someone they planned recruit. authorities say davis admired the 2009 massacre at ford hood and angry over a case where five washington state soldiers charged with killing three african-american civilianses for sport last year. this is the eight time in the last two years there were attacked planned or carried out on sites in the united states. he john hendren, abc news. the cal baseball team will try again next year. virginia eliminated the bears from the college world series in omaha yesterday. cavaliers dominated the game. the time score was 8-1 -- final score was 8-1. cal's cinderella run came after the school decided to drop baseball and other sports to save money. baseball alum and fans
5:50 am
pledged millions in donation to keep the program alive. well done! . what is this i hear about rain next week? it's june! >> i know. why not end june the way we started? wet and cold. >> okay. >> yeah. a possibility. it's tuesday and wednesday of next week. several days to get through it before it happens. talk about what is going on. back towards the east. you can see the clouds trying to fall through the east bay hills and in the east bay valleys. clouds continue to thicken. it will do so in the next hour or. so we'll keep an eye on the flight tracker. you can, too. to see if there are delays in sfo. talk about the temperatures. coolest around santa rosa, los gatos. upper 40s there. low to mid-50s. until you get to antioch and mountain view.
5:51 am
it will be cooler than yesterday. scattered showers and mild temperatures will continue. it will lead to cooler than average afternoons the next seven days. by the time the sun sets we have had 14 hours, 37 minutes and 37 seconds of sunshine. warmest weather is dublin, pleasanton. you will get a breeze through the dublin grade. and crow canyon. cooler than everybody else. east bay shore, mainly upper 60s to elo 70s. may hit 73 in fremont. los gatos is 80. everybody behind in mid-to-upper 70s. peninsula, 68 is the cool spot. 60 at half moon bay and
5:52 am
upper 50s for everybody else. daly city, 58. head to the bayside, downtown san francisco, mid-60s. near 60-degree temperatures in the north bay valley. 67 in saucelito, a lot of mid-to-upper 70s to santa rosa, northward. we have the warmest weather, low to mid-80s there. the coolest weather around 60. it brings sunshine and 68 to santa cruz. around the low to mid-80s for morgan hill and gilroy. 47 in santa rosa. low 60s around fairfield and antioch. there you go. the steady sea breeze will continue as long as the high is to the west. it will be all the way through monday. an area of low pressure drops southward from alaska. that brings us the cooler weather tuesday, wednesday, thursday. that chance of showers tuesday and wednesday. have a great weekend. frances, good morning. >> good morning. we have a new hot spot
5:53 am
developing. injury crash reported in the last couple of minutes. westbound 580 approaching 680. big rig is involved. injuries have been reported so they will send emergency crews there. we could see a slow ride from livermore, earlier than usual for friday. if you want to take mass transit, that is a good way to go. ace train number one running seven minutes late. ace train number three is so far on time. live shot of 101 in san jose. everywhere else. it is looking good. northbound traffic flows well. at the peninsula. and also, here is southbound 680 in walnut creek. no problems down through the san ramon valley. you will have a nice ride on 101, in san rafael through the north bay. roadwork, southbound should be cleared. approaching marinwood in the next few minutes. get the latest by going to eric? >> thank you very much. 5:53.
5:54 am
first banks run in document problems collecting mortgage debt. now they may have another problem. jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. uh-oh. banks may be running in legal problems collecting credit card debt. jp morgan chase reportedly dropped more than 1,000 credit card collection lawsuits in states including new york, new jersey, florida, illinois and california. since april. lawyer for debt collection cases in florida tells the "wall street journal" it's being dropped because of paperwork irregularity. chase and other creditcard issues are used fraud leapt documents to collection. a source tells bloomberg new york, california, texas and ohio are in early stages of investigation in the dominance of the internet. you might see a drop in gas prices, but it might not last. regular unleaded could fall to $3.40 a gallon.
5:55 am
because of decision to tap in reserves. am lists say the drop may be short-lived because of unrest in the middle east. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. authorities say a south san francisco man who took a woman's dog from the arms last week will not be prosecuted because the dog belonged to a man at one point. an investigation revealed that the dog was the man's lost pet from a year ago. it had turned up in an animal shelter where cynthia adopted it and nursed it to health. the man will have to pursue a zil case to -- civil case to reclaim the dog. san francisco d.a. will refile hate crime in two suspects in an attack against a transgender woman.
5:56 am
it happened april 1. two men are accused of robbing the victim of her cell phone and then after learning of the victim's sexual orientation, viciously attacking her. according to gascon, the suspects made homophobic remarks during and after the attack. >> we believe that we have shown if it was not involving a transgender woman, we believe robbery may have occurred but the assault would haven't occurred. >> the two suspects face charges of assault, robbery and violating the civil rights. but a felony hate crime designation carries a stiffer sentence. >> just ahead on abc7 news at 6:00 a.m. -- bart moves forward with a plan to extent tracks closer to santa clara county. >> we have our fair share of natural disasters here in california. but which one scares you the most? i'm amy hollyfield. results from new poll coming up next. >> and the real treat coming up.
5:57 am
"good morning america" sam champion will join us live from picksar headquarters in emeryville with preview of cars two which opens in óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó
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5:59 am
a brand new day at mineta san jose international airport. two brand new parking lots are opening.


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